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Ophelia may be Dead, but I am still here

07-26-07 More Graphics added everywhere
07-16-07 New page added for Coffin for Mary  and Links have been updated.
06-27-07 More art work added.
06-26-07 new artwork added and two more bits from "A Quarter"
06-24-07 New Graphics added and stuff to The truth behind page. A fav band list and videos. Also a web album.
06-16-07 More excerts added to "Prisoner of green decay" and "Another plan". new poems under collection three.
06-15-07 new graphics added and blog
05-15-07 New Bloodbath
05-14-07 Site revamped
07-15-06 New Section added to A Quarter Less than Nothing called " The Coming Together" and " The Ending is only the beginning"
06-26-06   New section added to A Quarter Less than Nothing called  "Bloodletting and Heroin", and ":A Prisoner of Green Decay" was revised,
07-7-06 New section added under "A Quarter" called "The Eon of Alex
07-5-06  More added to Bloodletting and heroin and new links
07-3-06  Two new paintings added to Dark Arts
07-13-06 one new painting added

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